When Is The Cheapest (and Most Expensive) Time To Book Your Holiday Flights

Travelling during the holidays can quickly add up with additional expenses and increased prices. Many of the reports generated by companies such as Cheap Flights and Skyscanner focus on price trends during the holidays. Using search trend tools to help you analyze the price trends of flights in Canada can be beneficial. It should come as no surprise that the most expensive time to fly during the year is December. The average price increase for flights during December is approximately 24% more expensive, due to higher demand. To satisfy curiosity, the cheapest time to fly out of Canada throughout the year is May and September, both being 4% cheaper than the average price. After December, March would be the next most expensive time to fly with an increase of 8% on flight prices compared to the average.

The best time to book a flight, during any time of the year, is six weeks before your departure date. On average, you are saving more than 9% of the average price when you book six weeks in advance. Surprisingly, booking sooner can actually result in paying a higher rate than the average price. For instance, a study by Skyscanner shows that booking a flight 24 weeks in advance resulted in an airfare price to be 7% more expensive than the average price and booking 12 weeks in advance resulted in prices being 4% higher than the average. The most significant price hike when booking a flight jumps to 22% more than the average price when a flight is scheduled within six days of departure. Even booking at least one week in advance yields a lower rate by more than 7%.

In addition to timelines, booking flights on days with fewer travelers also helps with lowering the cost of flights. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are considered the lowest days for traffic at airports, in contrast to Fridays and Saturdays, being the busiest days of the week. If possible, try to book your flights to be scheduled during these days of the week. The most expensive date to travel in 2018 is estimated to be December 22nd, where prices are expected to increase by 40%. Even if you have no choice but to fly on this date, if you are travelling to spend time with loved ones, then it surely is well worth the price.

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Wishing everyone safe and happy holiday travel, regardless of the distance you’re travelling.

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