Top Things To Explore At The Edmonton Airport During The Holiday Rush

Friday, December 21st is set to be the busiest travel date of the year for the Edmonton International Airport. More than 25,000-holiday travelers will either be arriving or departing the city for the season. The busiest day for travel is bound to make way for some idle time as you are waiting to be picked up, or have arrived early to the airport to ensure you do not miss your flight. 

The great news is that the Edmonton airport offers a few different ways to keep yourself entertained. In case you do get stranded at the airport, we have set out some of the top activities you can do to pass the time.

Explore the Arts & Culture

The Edmonton airport generally has pockets of areas with professional musicians and choirs to liven up the environment during the holidays. You can take on some live musical entertainment to help pass the time. If you are more of a visual person, you can also check out a number of art displays and costumes inspired by different areas of Canada. Perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to de-stress at the airport is the living wall which is on display. The Living Wall is a vertical interior garden, which serves as a symbol to Edmonton Airport’s commitment to sustainable design. Artist Mike Weinmaster designed the Living Wall based on his inspiration from Alberta’s high altitude cloud formation.

Activities For The Kids

The airport also has some children friendly zones to help keep them entertained. There are two play areas that you can explore at the airport, located at Gate 66 and Gate 80. These areas also offer free WiFi, so you can access A to Z storybooks, along with Christmas storybooks to maintain the festive spirit.

Last Minute Shopping

If you need to do any last minute shopping, the airport can be a great way to find unique gifts. With over 60 shops and restaurants, time can go by fairly quickly between shopping for gifts or sitting down to have a meal. You can also throw in an early Christmas present for yourself and start off the holiday season relaxed with a massage. Don’t forget to check out the new Premium Outlets if you are able to make it over as well.

No matter how busy it can get, try to find ways to enjoy each step of the journey.

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