The Top Culprits That Cause Jet Lag

Jet lag can be one of the most unpleasant aspects of travelling. Adjusting to a new time zone is not easy; however, there are remedies you can use to help your body cope from long-haul flights.

The best way to beat jet lag is to understand what causes it to begin with. Our bodies are programmed to expect a routine on a daily basis, such as eating and sleeping. This routine is also known as circadian rhythm.  When we fly to areas with different time zones, we are essentially shuffling our circadian rhythm, which can lead to fatigue, indigestion, loss or appetite and issues concentrating. Unfortunately, there is no specific time frame as to when our bodies will recover from jet lag, primarily since the adjustment period is highly dependent on your age, stress level and stage of health. Travellers use the expression ‘west is best, east is a beast’. Essentially, it is harder for your body to adjust to shorter days, than longer ones.

Here are some tips you can use to help you prevent jet lag for your next travel adventure.

1. Relax Before You Travel
A rigid routine before your long flight will make it more difficult for your body to adjust to different time zones, especially if you’re in for a long trip. Start your holiday refreshed rather than being fatigued.

2. Travel In The Mornings 
If possible, when choosing your flight, opt to choose a flight that arrives during the day. This will make it easier to stay awake and keep your body on a regular schedule.

3. Stay Away From Caffeine and Alcohol 
Artificial stimulants, such as coffee and soda will affect your ability to sleep and increase the recovery time from jet lag. The effects of alcohol at high altitudes will lead to dehydration and fatigue, making it challenging to overcome jet lag.

4. Avoid Sleeping Pills 
Sleeping pills can leave you feeling hazy when you land and do not contribute much toward recovery from jet lag. If you are looking to sleep on the plane, it’s best to do so naturally.

The better your daily routine is, the easier it will be to reduce jet lag and feel refreshed. For example, independently of flights, eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep on a regular basis boosts your body’s state of health. These factors will also contribute to better adjusting to different time zones. If you’re looking to stay awake during a flight, don’t forget your fully charged in-flight entertainment to pass the time.

Happy travels!

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