The Must Have Apps For Every Traveler

Regardless of your destination, travelling can be very stressful. Whether you’re travelling by plane or taking a road trip, there are some apps to take advantage of to make your trip a little more efficient.

According to Think With Google’s insights on traveler behavior, smartphones are the new concierge for travelers, and in recent years, almost 85% of travelers rely on their smartphones to shape their trip. Whether travelers are looking to book flights, hotels, or restaurants in the area, they are turning to their phones more than any other resource.

There seems to be an app for every niche of travelling. We’re going to go through some of the top apps that can make your travelling experience a little better.

For the Frequent Flyer – TripCase

If your work travels have made you a pro at travelling, then the TripCase app would be great for you. TripCase is like a personal assistant for your travel details, meetings and schedules. This can help you stay organized and plan out your entire trip while syncing with your travel details with your calendar.

For the Organized Traveler – TripIt

Despite best efforts to book your trip well beforehand, it’s easy to get your confirmation emails buried in your inbox. To keep the vital information about your details, such as confirmations, itineraries and more all in one spot, then the TripIt app can be a lifesaver.

For the Explorer – Triposo

Not every travel requires you to visit the tourist attractions. Some travelers enjoy the authentic experience of a day or a night out in a city and explore the area like a local. Triposo is the local tour guide every explorer needs to find places to see, eat and experience. One of the best perks of the Triposo app is that it can still help you navigate around while offline.

For the Road Tripper – GasBuddy

Canada is a beautiful country and taking a road trip can be the perfect way to explore the beautiful sights. GasBuddy is a great app to help you save money by locating gas stations near you and alerts you of price hikes. GasBuddy works in Canada and U.S. only, so if you’re travelling to Edmonton, or passing through, you can utilize this app to find the best prices.

With a lot of apps to explore and utilize, it’s never been easier to have a better travelling experience.

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