How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution For 2019 While Travelling: Part 1

According to some surveys, most people give up their new year’s resolution by between the second and third week of January. New Year’s resolutions can be great by providing a feeling of a fresh start. The importance of keeping your resolutions comes from the ability to achieve them. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself can very quickly become demoralizing. 

Some common resolutions people set for New Year’s include eating healthier, exercising more, and reading a book every month. For those individuals who often travel, either in or out of Edmonton, it can become even more challenging to keep these resolutions. It is not impossible, in fact, there is plenty of room to keep up with all of these resolutions and more. Whether you are often flying and spend time in airports or you are spending time in hotels in Edmonton, we can help you keep your resolutions. To begin with, we have previously published a blog on how to reduce stress while travelling in the new year, which is a great place you start. You can click here to read the blog.  

When staying at a hotel, here are some ways you can tackle each healthy resolution

Eating Healthy While Travelling

Travelling can place a lot of constraints on the options that we have to choose from when it comes to our nutrient. However, when it comes to selecting specific foods while travelling, or while you are staying at a hotel, you do have healthier alternatives.


Some great choices for protein-rich foods which can also serve as a grab and go solution include plain yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and string cheese. Some unhealthy decisions to stay away from, which may be tempting, includes flavoured yogurt, hot dogs, or fried chicken. Choosing better proteins will also keep you more active and make you feel less sluggish, which is always a better choice, especially while travelling for meetings or vacationing.


Fats to stay away from includes chocolate bars, pastries and candy, which has terrible effects on the body. Opt instead to choose healthier options such as hummus, mixed nuts, and guacamole, which help to keep you full for more extended periods while keeping your energy levels up.


Bad carbs can be tough to stay away from, regardless of whether or not you are travelling. It should come as no surprise that carbs such as chocolate bars, chips, and pastries are not good choices. Instead, try to fuel your body with better carbs such as whole grains and both fresh and dried fruit. 

Getting a head start on your head with a power breakfast, filled with healthier choices, will help you maintain more energy throughout the day. When choosing a hotel in Edmonton, it’s best to stay at a hotel that includes a continental breakfast. This gives you more variety to help you stay on track without eliminating convenience. You can also browse through the updated 2019 Canada Food Guide for healthier options to incorporate in your daily meals.

In our next blog, we are going to tackle some of the best tips to keep up with the other two most common resolutions, which includes exercising and reading a book once a month. Be sure to keep an eye out for part two of this blog.

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