Why Giving An Experience Is The Best Gift This Season

In a recent study from the University of Toronto, a publication was recently released in the Journal of Consumer Research, shedding some light on what the best ‘gift’ for the holiday season would be. This study mainly focused on children’s Christmas gifts, however, other studies are showing this trend among adults as well, specifically millennial’s. The greatest gift to give this holiday season is an experience, not a material gift. Parents who choose to opt for experience, instead of a forgotten toy, claim that gifting an experience ignites stronger emotional response and enhances personals bonds.

If you have already purchased Christmas gifts for the coming holiday seasons, you can always keep this in mind for future special occasions. If you’re still pondering about ideas for experiences to give, we’ve compiled a list of some of Edmonton’s best attractions to help fall in love with the city all over again.

West Edmonton Mall: Of course, this was going to be on the list. Staying focused on the activities, such as the World Waterpark or Galaxyland, will drive the experience, rather than shopping or popping into the mall.

Telus World of Science: The hands-on exhibits drive a further purpose than an experience, but can ignite interest and learning, too.

Ice Castles: Although there may be no shortage of winter weather in Edmonton, making the most of this winter wonderland can be a great activity.

Muttart Conservatory: You can reserve this for warmer weather, however, the anticipation of this experience can keep the gift receiver have something to look forward to.

Staycation: You don’t have to leave the city to recharge. A staycation can be an economical way to take the family on vacation, rediscovering the city from a different perspective. Have the family pack their bags, rent out a room, and play tourist, like you would with any city you would visit for the first time.

Whatever you choose you to do, remember that giving the gift of experience, is very closely related to providing the gift of your time.

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