How To Prepare For A Stress-Free Family Road-Trip

With spring approaching, the thought of going on a family trip can be exciting. With spring break taking place during the last week of March in Edmonton, some families may plan to have a road trip with the kids.

Road trips can be fun at any age and almost always offer up a great adventure worth remembering for years to come. If you are planning a road trip with your children, there are some essential tips that you will want to keep in mind to ensure you have a journey to remember, for all the right reasons.

The first rule for any trip is to pack well, especially if you are travelling with toddlers. Packing more essentials than you think you may need is a good rule of thumb. This would mean to pack extra diapers, clothing, snacks, water and wipes.

Keeping these items organized and in a place where it is easily accessible can make a significant difference for your trip. Packing well also includes having the right devices for entertainment devices fully charged and ready to go. Determining travel times with the available choices for entertainment pre-loaded can keep the kids engaged and focused during those long rides.

Mapping out where you are, and the travel distance between breaks will be important. You may have sudden stops for bathroom breaks; however, the bulk of your travel times should be planned. It can also be beneficial to prepare in advance as it allows the family to see any unique sites or experiences something that may not be at your final destinations and does not take much time away from your route.

For safety reasons, it is also better to check weather conditions in advance, travel during the daylight, and be aware of your fuel needs between your stops. Keeping track of time does not necessarily mean that you should never derail from your scheduled route, it just means to be aware of time and allow some time for unexpected circumstances.

Keeping sugar free snacks on hand and travelling earlier in the morning will also help ease the long periods spent on the road.

In addition to your planning, check the perks of the hotel you are booking your stay at. Essential amenities such as free high-speed internet and free parking will also ensure there are no hidden costs and have provided more flexibility during your stay.

Top 9 Things To Do For Valentine’s Day In Edmonton

With the freezing weather in Edmonton, the thought of Valentine’s Day can help warm us up. With much to do in Edmonton from warm dinners to winter outings, and we have rounded up some of the best places Edmonton has to offer:

Edmonton Ice Castle

The Ice Castle has previously made our list before, and given it’s breathing taking views, the Ice Castles make a great Valentine’s daDy date idea.

Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory allows you to explore and discover new things is a great way to spend the day, and there is no better place than listing to live music and witnessing various beautiful plants under the stars.

Classic Flick: Princess Bride

The Metro Cinema is providing a Quote-A-Long Princess Bride night which is a great way to spend the night for fans of the classic movie. Inconceivable!

Musical At The Jube

Get your blood flowing and have a reason to dress up with Motown the Musical. The musical, based on Motown founder Berry Gordy, is taking place at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium between February 13th – 18th.

Skate Date

You can make Valentine’s Day a skate date at the Silver Lake located at Hawrelak Park. Grab a cup of hot chocolate to get yourself warm.

Whyte Ave

Taking a stroll down Whyte Ave. is a great way to rediscover the city and the stores that you may generally pass by. For cat lovers, you can swing by Wee Book Inn for some used books and find the cat that lives within the book store.

Snowshoe Walk

If you’re looking for a new experience that’s different, a moonlit walk through the Victoria Golf Course can be a great way to experience the day and learn more during the guided tour.


There’s no better way to someone’s heart, than through their stomach. Whether you’re looking for something casual or upscale, sharing a meal is always romantic. Check out our own DS Classic Grill and their delicious menu!


Spend a full day together in a different environment by staying at the Ramada Edmonton Yellowhead Hotel. You can pop out for dinner or cozy up by staying in. This also gives the freedom to spend quality time and for each person to enjoy a glass or two of wine without having to get behind the wheel.

The importance of Valentine’s Day is to spend quality time with a loved one, which makes anything you do a great day as long as you’re together.

How To Increase Your Ability To Concentrate While Travelling For Work

When you’re travelling in Edmonton for business, the commute, either by plane or car, can make you feel jet lagged or tired. To get yourself back on track, and in full concentration, there are a few tips to give you an advantage if you’re travelling for business.


Meditation is the conscious practice of focusing the mind on to particular objects, or thoughts to achieve a state of emotional and mental peace. One of the most significant aspects of mediation is that it can be done anywhere, even in your hotel room. With many apps such as Calm and Head Space, it has become more convenient to form a focused mind to help you conquer anything.

Proper Diet

We have previously written an entire article about eating right when you’re on the go and travelling, click here for the top tips to maintain a healthy diet. A human brain consumes about 20% of the total body energy. Eating healthier options also helps you feel more energized and less sluggish to keep your mind and body going.


Even if you’re tired, you will find a new found source of energy when you exercise. Whether it’s strength training inside your hotel room or taking an extra stroll around the neighbourhood, exercise is key to improving concentration.

Take Breaks at Regular Intervals

Given that the human attention span is less than a goldfish (3 seconds for humans), it has become increasingly difficult to focus and concentrate on given tasks. It’s even more difficult if you feel uninterested or tired from your travels. It is recommended, in any scenario, to use the Pomodoro technique. This is also a free app you can download, which blocks off times for concentration and buzzes when it’s time to take a break. It even shut off your notifications for the time you are concentrating, which leads us to the next tip.

Avoid Your Phone

On average, we touch our phones 2,426 times a day. With constant notifications such as emails, texts, social media and more, it becomes easy to lose track of time and concentration when we leave our notifications on. Gmail even has a function which allows you to pause your inbox to let you to better concentrate on your work.

Most of these tips should also be incorporated into your everyday life and do not need to be limited only when you are travelling to Edmonton for business. Controlling your mind is one of the most challenging aspects to conquer; however, all these tips help bring you a step closer to improving your concentration and making the most of your business objectives.

How Bad Does The Weather Have To Be To Cancel A Flight

With recent snow storms and weather warnings, it should come as no surprise that flights often do get cancelled due to weather-related issues. Airplanes must meet a rigorous list of requirements for commercial flights which are generally exceeded by the manufactures set out by Transport Canada Civil Aviation regulations.

When it comes to safety, no inconvenience can triumph over it. However, when it comes down to snow, rain or wind, some guidelines are followed to determine if a flight is a go or no go.

Wind Factor

On otherwise clear days, the wind is not typically a factor as to whether or not a flight will be cancelled. Wind is mainly a consideration when it is blowing across the runway and not down. An aircraft can withstand wind that is less than 25 knots blowing across. However, if other factors are introduced, such as rain or snow, then the runway will become more of a concern and the tolerance decreases from the 25-knot crosswind.

Snow Factor

If it is lightly or moderately snowing, then there should be no interruptions to flights. Heavy snow can lead to cancellations even if the plane is de-iced and thawed out and runways are cleared of snow. If there is slush on the runway, accumulated snow or  ½ inch of deep water, then pilots will most likely find it increasingly challenging to propel enough speed to take off or adequately land.

Freezing Rain Factor

Freezing rain is often a weather condition that can cripple flights. According to veteran airline captain, John Nance, “One thing we don’t fly in is freezing rain. If an airport is hit with rain or drizzle when temperatures hover near the freezing point, airport authorities will consider shutting it down, and most definitely the airlines will start cancelling flights.”

As airplanes collect ice quicker than de-icing can occur during such conditions, an airplane can easily lose traction, and the pilot can lose control.

Despite visitors and guests at the Ramada Edmonton Yellowhead Hotel are safe from recent snow weather warnings, which is hitting the east coast, experience with weather-related cancellations is still common. This is especially the case when your arrival or departure destination is experiencing severe weather.

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution For 2019 While Travelling: Part 2

In part one of this blog, which can be found by clicking here, we spoke about the importance of keeping New Year’s resolution. The most common resolutions include eating right, exercising, and making time to read one book a month. For individuals who travel often, it may seem more challenging to keep up with the resolutions; however, we have provided some guidance on how to keep up with your resolutions while travelling.

The first resolution, which was eating right while travelling, was covered in the first part of this blog. Next, we’re going to focus on the other two resolutions.

Exercising While Travelling

There are two ways to exercise while you are travelling, one of which is dependent on the weather. Weather permitted, there is nothing that beats the outdoors to either jog or take a stroll. Before arriving at your destination, search for trails and parks near your hotel and set aside some time to explore. If there are no parks around your hotel, then you can choose to walk down city streets, tracking your progress with an app, and get an intimate knowledge of the city while you are at it. Typically, you should be aiming to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

Other forms of exercising, such as building your strength, can include getting into the habit of making it a routine to workout in your hotel room. Leveraging some of the furniture in your hotel room, you can virtually tackle any area of your body. Apps such as 7-minute workout are specifically designed to use indoors and incorporate some furniture in the routine as well.

Exercising is not only good for your physical well being, but also for your mental well being as endorphins are released after 25 minutes of exercise. This also helps to beat jet lag and enjoy your stay more, whether it’s for personal or business reasons. Schedule to wake up about 20 minutes earlier and take this on first thing in the morning. By doing so, you are increasing the likelihood of keeping your resolution.

Reading One Book A Month

One of the most significant aspects of travelling is that it gives you a few moments to be idle. There are many apps you can use to download a book, or use your Amazon Kindle. There is nothing better than a physical book in your hands, so if you have space, pack your book with you. You can read in on the plane while waiting at the airport or even a few minutes before bedtime to help calm your day and get you a better nights sleep.

Travelling is not always easy, but keeping your health top of mind should always be priority and the smallest decisions can add up to make great improvements.

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution For 2019 While Travelling: Part 1

According to some surveys, most people give up their new year’s resolution by between the second and third week of January. New Year’s resolutions can be great by providing a feeling of a fresh start. The importance of keeping your resolutions comes from the ability to achieve them. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself can very quickly become demoralizing. 

Some common resolutions people set for New Year’s include eating healthier, exercising more, and reading a book every month. For those individuals who often travel, either in or out of Edmonton, it can become even more challenging to keep these resolutions. It is not impossible, in fact, there is plenty of room to keep up with all of these resolutions and more. Whether you are often flying and spend time in airports or you are spending time in hotels in Edmonton, we can help you keep your resolutions. To begin with, we have previously published a blog on how to reduce stress while travelling in the new year, which is a great place you start. You can click here to read the blog.  

When staying at a hotel, here are some ways you can tackle each healthy resolution

Eating Healthy While Travelling

Travelling can place a lot of constraints on the options that we have to choose from when it comes to our nutrient. However, when it comes to selecting specific foods while travelling, or while you are staying at a hotel, you do have healthier alternatives.


Some great choices for protein-rich foods which can also serve as a grab and go solution include plain yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and string cheese. Some unhealthy decisions to stay away from, which may be tempting, includes flavoured yogurt, hot dogs, or fried chicken. Choosing better proteins will also keep you more active and make you feel less sluggish, which is always a better choice, especially while travelling for meetings or vacationing.


Fats to stay away from includes chocolate bars, pastries and candy, which has terrible effects on the body. Opt instead to choose healthier options such as hummus, mixed nuts, and guacamole, which help to keep you full for more extended periods while keeping your energy levels up.


Bad carbs can be tough to stay away from, regardless of whether or not you are travelling. It should come as no surprise that carbs such as chocolate bars, chips, and pastries are not good choices. Instead, try to fuel your body with better carbs such as whole grains and both fresh and dried fruit. 

Getting a head start on your head with a power breakfast, filled with healthier choices, will help you maintain more energy throughout the day. When choosing a hotel in Edmonton, it’s best to stay at a hotel that includes a continental breakfast. This gives you more variety to help you stay on track without eliminating convenience. You can also browse through the updated 2019 Canada Food Guide for healthier options to incorporate in your daily meals.

In our next blog, we are going to tackle some of the best tips to keep up with the other two most common resolutions, which includes exercising and reading a book once a month. Be sure to keep an eye out for part two of this blog.

How To Spend That Perfect Romantic Day in Edmonton

Perfect Romantic Day in Edmonton

How To Reduce Stress And Increase Your Well-Being In The New Year

The effects of stress are far more harmful to our bodies than most of us might realize. Of course, the mental effects of stress can lead to mental fog, inability to sleep, fatigue and many more emotional symptoms.

Our level of stress directly affects how our body functions, with physical symptoms becoming visible as a result. A variety of studies have shown that almost 90% of health concerns are due to pressure.

Stress can flourish a range of consequences, from tense muscles, to digestive issues, and more. It has become increasingly difficult to mitigate stress in our lives, as people in Edmonton are juggling families, careers, finances, personal development, and much more. Research also shows that when our bodies undergo stress for extended periods of times, the development of depression and anxiety is much more likely.

Our body reacts to stress and hormones in different ways, however, some of the most common symptoms, include:

– Accelerated heart rate
– Tense muscles
– Difficulty breathing
– Reduced blood flow to internal organs
– Weakened immune and digestive system

Not all symptoms are as visible or noticeable as symptoms can slowly progress over time. This leads to deteriorating health, lowered energy, mood alterations, and a dissatisfied sense of well-being.

One of the best ways to naturally combat stress is to take time to nurture our bodies. In fact, when we relax, a new series of hormones get released into our body which helps repair the damage done by stress. These essential hormones affect your body in the following ways:

– Slows down heart rate
– Stabilized blood pressure
– Boosts your immune system
– Slows down brain waves
– Normalizes your digestive system
– Improves your quality of sleep

Some recommendations to keep in mind include remedies for both your physical and mental well-being. As stress is considered a psychological factor, with physical symptoms you need to make some time for yourself. This means to shut off notifications from work, limit social media use to about 30 minutes per day, and get involved in activities that do not include the use of your computer or your phone. Another great way to reduce the symptoms of stress is to explore a hobby, meditate, and ensure you take a full day off by unplugging. Your health habits, such as exercising and the type of food you are consuming, can also contribute to lowering your stress levels and igniting serotonin – a feel-good chemical your brain releases after 25 minutes of exercise.

Every person should make it their New Year’s resolution to lowering their stress and increase their well-being. Whether you are travelling, staying at a hotel, or changing your daily routine, it is essential to incorporate these healthy habits into your lifestyle.

Top Things To Explore At The Edmonton Airport During The Holiday Rush

Friday, December 21st is set to be the busiest travel date of the year for the Edmonton International Airport. More than 25,000-holiday travelers will either be arriving or departing the city for the season. The busiest day for travel is bound to make way for some idle time as you are waiting to be picked up, or have arrived early to the airport to ensure you do not miss your flight. 

The great news is that the Edmonton airport offers a few different ways to keep yourself entertained. In case you do get stranded at the airport, we have set out some of the top activities you can do to pass the time.

Explore the Arts & Culture

The Edmonton airport generally has pockets of areas with professional musicians and choirs to liven up the environment during the holidays. You can take on some live musical entertainment to help pass the time. If you are more of a visual person, you can also check out a number of art displays and costumes inspired by different areas of Canada. Perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to de-stress at the airport is the living wall which is on display. The Living Wall is a vertical interior garden, which serves as a symbol to Edmonton Airport’s commitment to sustainable design. Artist Mike Weinmaster designed the Living Wall based on his inspiration from Alberta’s high altitude cloud formation.

Activities For The Kids

The airport also has some children friendly zones to help keep them entertained. There are two play areas that you can explore at the airport, located at Gate 66 and Gate 80. These areas also offer free WiFi, so you can access A to Z storybooks, along with Christmas storybooks to maintain the festive spirit.

Last Minute Shopping

If you need to do any last minute shopping, the airport can be a great way to find unique gifts. With over 60 shops and restaurants, time can go by fairly quickly between shopping for gifts or sitting down to have a meal. You can also throw in an early Christmas present for yourself and start off the holiday season relaxed with a massage. Don’t forget to check out the new Premium Outlets if you are able to make it over as well.

No matter how busy it can get, try to find ways to enjoy each step of the journey.

What Edmonton Has for the Night Crawlers?

Night Crawlers