Travel quite a lot? Or just once in a while? Sometimes there are some unspoken ways to make the best out of your hotel stay. In gathering some tips from some travelling pros, here are a few hacks to keep note of during your next visit anywhere.

  1. Missing Your Charger?
    • With so many of us carrying multiple electronic devices these days, it is easy to get mixed up and forget an important charging device. Rather than shop for a new one, try asking the front desk if they happen to have a spare phone cord or charger available. Chances are another unfortunate person may have left one in their room and the cable just happened to have ended up in the lost and found.
      • Pro tip: use the USB port on the back of the TV if you are missing an adapter.
      • Extra pro tip: if you have a laptop with some of your favorite shows, sometimes an HDMI cable may be available to watch everything on the big screen in your room
  2. Get to Know the Staff
    • When in a new area, the people in the hotel are usually some of the most informative when it comes to local restaurants, sights, and events. Getting to know them during your stay can allow them to give you pretty good insight on what to do and where to go based on their local experiences.
      • Pro tip: Book directly off the hotel. By using the hotel’s own website for bookings or even by calling the hotel directly, you may receive “off the books” discounts or upgrades. The off-season is usually when the best deals are available.
  3. Avoid Mirror Fog and See Clearly
    • This one probably happens to us at home too, but it can be quite annoying to use a fogged-up mirror right after a shower. An easy preventative measure would be to rub a portion of bar soap on the mirror before showering and voila! No more need to wait for the mirror to de-mist.
      • Pro-tip: A very steamy shower can also help with some of those stubborn wrinkles in your clothes. While showering, hang up a wrinkled shirt or dress and cut down on your ironing time.
  4. Resourceful Extras
    • An ironing board can easily be used as an extra table. The coffee maker can dispense hot water for your instant noodles. Your coffee mug can be used as a sound amplifier for your phone when playing some of your favorite tunes. Shower caps can be used to cover your dirty shoes when packing them in your luggage.
      • Pro-tip: Even if travelling solo, ask for two key cards. You just never know if you misplace one or require it to keep the power on in the room.
  5. Mention Special Occasions
    • The hospitality world is all about making the best of your stay. Mentioning a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary while asking for a nice room to stay in can sometimes land you a room upgrade or a surprise in your room. Just make sure you give them long enough advanced notice.

There are many creative workarounds and tricks in the travelling world. For many of these tricks, many of them come down to simply asking for something. We are always willing to go the extra mile for you at the Ramada Edmonton Yellowhead.

Happy travels to all!