Road trips can be fun at any age and almost always offer up a great adventure worth remembering for years to come. If you are planning a road trip with your children, there are some essential tips that you will want to keep in mind to ensure you have a journey to remember, for all the right reasons. 

The first rule for any trip is to pack well, especially if you are travelling with toddlers. Packing more essentials than you think you may need is a good rule of thumb. This would mean to pack extra diapers, clothing, snacks, water and wipes. 

Keeping these items organized and in a place where it is easily accessible can make a significant difference for your trip. Packing well also includes having the right devices for entertainment devices fully charged and ready to go. Determining travel times with the available choices for entertainment pre-loaded can keep the kids engaged and focused during those long rides.

Mapping out where you are, and the travel distance between breaks will be important. You may have sudden stops for bathroom breaks; however, the bulk of your travel times should be planned. It can also be beneficial to prepare in advance as it allows the family to see any unique sites or experiences something that may not be at your final destinations and does not take much time away from your route. 

For safety reasons, it is also better to check weather conditions in advance, travel during the daylight, and be aware of your fuel needs between your stops. Keeping track of time does not necessarily mean that you should never derail from your scheduled route, it just means to be aware of time and allow some time for unexpected circumstances. 

Keeping sugar free snacks on hand and travelling earlier in the morning will also help ease the long periods spent on the road. 

In addition to your planning, check the perks of the hotel you are booking your stay at. Essential amenities such as free high-speed internet and free parking will also ensure there are no hidden costs and have provided more flexibility during your stay.